Product Model: DPERGT-24

Table Top Flat Gas Griddle

Product Description
  • The whole body is made of stainless steel, achieving a simple and elegant machine with smooth and flat surface, nice-looking color and firt-proof design, ensuring easy cleaning.
  • Flawless technique, smooth fillet, ensuring easy cleaning.
  • The high-efficiency burner demonstrates high efficiency and excellent performance on maintaining required temperature, thus ensuring easies cooking.
  • The grease basin, a user-friendly design, can conveniently collect redundant grease, ensuring easier cleaning.
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Product Information

Technical Parameters
Model Table Top Flat Gas Griddle (RGT-24)
Power (KW) 17.6
LPG2800-3700Pa 1.278kg/h
NG2000-2500pa 1.642m³/h
NW(KG) 91
Dimensions(mm) 610*840*(360+60)

Griddle Size(mm): 606*612*20

Three View Drawing


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