Product Model: DPZH-RF-2

Freestanding Gas Deep Fryer

Product Description
  • Full made of stainless steel
  • It adopts high efficiency heating tubes with rapid heating function. thus ensuring crisper fried food.
  • The safe and simple oil drain design.
  • Long-term flame standby function is offered to retain the temperature of the oil so that food can be fried at any time. The time of heating the oil is also reduced, which help reduce energy concumption and is environment-friendly
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Product Information

Technical Parameters
Model Freestanding Gas Deep Fryer (ZH-RF-2)
Power (KW) 18
N(KG) 53
Capacity  28L
Gas Type LPG/NG
Dimensions(mm) 398*700*(1100+35)
Three View Drawing


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