Product Model: DPZX40

Popsicle Maker

Product Description
  • Different type popsicle mould optional for popsicle making machine using.
  • Internal materials using 304 stainless steel and molds, this popsicle making machine would be very durable.
  • Electronic control,can set automatically temperature into the popsicle making machine.
  • With CE approved, quality of this popsicle making machine is guaranteed.
  • The compressor of popsicle making machine is the worldwide well knowed famous brand compressor.
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Product Information

Technical Parameters
Model Popsicle Maker(ZX40)
Power (KW) 5.5A
Volts(V) 220V/50Hz
N(KG) 70
Capacity 80 pcs/h
Dimensions(mm) 700*500*840
Three View Drawing


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