Product Model: DPHBS-300

Meat Slicer

Product Description
  • 12 inch 300mm Commercial/Industrial Electric Stainless Steel Frozen Meat Slicer is perfectly made by Anodized Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy and Stainless steel. It is used to slice the frozen meat into thin pieces. The surface of the body is polished, nice looking and easy to clean. It is very durable and easy to operate. Different sizes and models are optional according to your need.
  • Classic meat slicer
  • Plastic leg and handle

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Product Information

Technical Parameters
Model Meat Slicer (HBS-300)
Power (KW) 230V/50Hz/250W, 110V/50Hz/250W
Blade Diameter(mm) φ300
Thickness(mm) 0.2-15
Width(mm) 200
Dimensions(mm) 615*535*505

Groos Weight(kg): 25.5

Net Weight(kg): 22.5

Three View Drawing


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