Product Model: DPAM900

Hood Type Dishwasher

Product Description
  • Full made of stainless steel
  • Energy-saving design, cost savings.
  • Save 17% on operating costs, Including water, electricity, liquids and maintenance costs.
  • Simple operation, hygienic cleaning.
  • Ultra-high washing height of 440mm.
  • Wrap-around joystick design, allows operation at different angles.
  • Reduce cleaning liquids, decontaminant consumption.
  • Select a special program, after cleaning, the dishes passed the 71 degree test.
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Product Information

Technical Parameters
Model Hood Type Dishwasher (AM900)
Power (KW) 16.5
Volts(V) 380V/50Hz/3
Water Consumption 2.5L/rack
Capacity 60 racks/h
Dimensions(mm) 636*740*1510

Wash  Temperature: 60℃

Rinse Temperature: 82-90℃

Washing cycle: 60min/rack

Tank Capacity: 22L

Cleaning Height: 440mm

Operating Height: 860mm

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