Product Model: DPAM60K

Hood Type Dishwasher

Product Description
  • Simple operation, convenient and effortless, improve work efficiency.
  • Sensitive gating operation, closing the door to start cleaning, really convenient.
  • High-brightness LED display, observing the washing temperature at any time, at a glance.
  • Universal upper and lower wash arms and spray arms, easy to handle without tools.
  • High-power spray heater ensures temperature for continuous washing.
  •  Thermostop temperature control function ensures that the spray water temperature is above 82°C per cycle.
  • Upper and lower wash arms rotate flexibly, improving the effective contact surface of tableware and water flow.
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Product Information

Technical Parameters
Model Hood Type Dishwasher (AM60K)
Power (KW) 17
Volts(V) 380V/50Hz
Loading Height(mm) 420
Racks 60rack/h
Dimensions(mm) 700*701*1440

Washing Temperature(℃): 55-60

Sinsing Temperature(℃): 82-90

Water Consumption: 3L/rack

Three View Drawing


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