Product Model: DPZH-RS

Gas Tilting Braising Pan

Product Description
  • This product is multifunction and can be used for frying, stir frying, cooking steak, and braising, which means that it has extremely high price-performance ratio.
  • The housing is made of 304 stainless stee; and decorated with cast iron fiue tnims.
  • The pan is made of SS444 staomless steel with a bottom made of 10mm thick 316 stainless steel plate to ensure the corrosion resistance of the pan and even heat udrtconduction.
  • lt adopts titling pan design to help users remove the food inside the pan
  • Automatic temperature setting with a temperature range of 60~300° even heat on the
  • Equipped with safety tehrmostats,the cooker’s maximum temperature si 340°c toensure safety.
  • The pan can be lifted and yumed upaside down.Lifting the pan annually can accurately control the lifting height.Adevice is adopted to cuf off power supply when the pan is removed.
  • The bottom of the pan adopts curved design to make sure ot can be completely cleande.
  • lt is easy to clean the residues in the pan.
  • lt adopts high-effciency iron energy-storage boards to avoid early loss of heat and improve heat effciency .thusensuring even heat on the bottom of the cooker.
  • The 20cm stainless steel feet can be adjusted;adjustable range;plus or minus 25cm
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Product Information

Technical Parameters
Model Gas Tilting Braising Pan (ZH-RS)
Power (KW) 21
N(KG) 140
Capacity 80L
 Gas Source LPG/NG
Dimensions(mm) 800*900*(850+70)

LPG2800-3700Pa: 1.51kg/h

NG2000-2500Pa: 2.19m³/h

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