Product Model: DPS36

Gas Range With Gas Oven

Product Description
  • Full made of stainless steel
  • Countertop plate with one stretch forming and seamless welding, easy for cleaning.
  • The flame of the burner is adjustable
  • Stretch forming cooking surface, easy to clean.
  • The burners are manufactured through precision casting to maker sure that flames are stable and endurable.
  • The oven offers temperature control, highest trmperature can reach 340℃
  • Flawless technique smooth fillet
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Product Information

Technical Parameters
Model Gas Range With Gas Oven (S36)
Material Stainless Steel
Gas Type LPG/NG
N(KG) 152
Capacity 6 burners
Dimensions(mm) 915*830*911+627.5
Three View Drawing


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