Product Model: DPEM-E-V38-A

Vacuum Tumbler Marinator

Product Description
  • Stainless steel structure with robust design, anti-corrosion .
  • Tumbler design to rotate easily to miximiza the conact surface between food.
  • Vacuum pump to ensure best penetration of ingredients inside meat.
  • Timing function and time can be adjusted.
  • Top silicon seal to prvent leakage.
  • Over-load protection to protect motor and operator of it is over loaded.
  • Swivel braking castor to be moving and braking more easily.
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Product Information

Technical Parameters
Model Vacuum Tumbler Marinator (EM-E-V38-A)
Power (KW) 0.28
Volts(V) 220
N(KG) 75
Capacity(L) 38
Dimensions(mm) 960*520*910

RPM(r/min): 28-30

Three View Drawing


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