Product Model: DPDW-ME-60E

Hood Type Dishwasher

Product Description
  • Easy installation and service, User-Friendly one touch control system.
  • Powerful wash pump deliver higher volumes of wash water and ensures faster clean up times.
  • Hi-tech computer controller ensures low water,low energy and less detergent consumption.
  • Full stainless steel structure.
  • Two thermostats, for washing and rinsing, make it decontaminated thoroughly and more sterilized.
  • Patented spray arm design, improving the contact area of tableware/dishes and water folw, free of spraying dead corner.
  • Magnetic switch, preventing injury caused by sudden door opening with high temperature, ensure the staff security.
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Product Information

Technical Parameters
Model 20Tray Combi Oven (EWR-20-21-H)
Power (KW) 14.7
Volts(V) 380/50Hz/3V
Water Tank(L) 26
Capacity 60Racks/h
Dimensions(mm) 713*748*1445

Loading Height(mm): 420

Basket Size(mm): 500*500

Washing Temperature(℃): 50-60

Rinsing Temperature(℃): 80-90

Water Cons. : 2.5L/rack

Three View Drawing


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