Product Model: DPYXD-4A

Electric Convection Oven

Product Description
  • High quality stainless steel, durability and corrosion resistant.
  • Accurate temperature control technology, independent temperature control.
  • Strong and durable handle, nice looking and simple design.
  • It has a reasonably arranged large space with a proper struture.
  • High efficiency heating tubes wit rapid heating function.
  • Heat resistant lamp, working condition inside the oven can be clearly seen.
  • Shelf mode, a wide temperature range of 50-300℃.
  • Unique spraying designs helps maintain moisture of the food, ensuring excellent taste.
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Product Information

Technical Parameters
Model Electric Convection Oven (YXD-4A)
Power (KW) 2.67/2
Volts(V) 220-240
N(KG) 39
Temperature(℃) 50-300
Dimensions(mm) 596*532*570
Three View Drawing


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