Product Model: DPGX-060D-25

Dishwasher Basket

Product Description
  • Open profile design, easy for washing, complete rinsing and fast drying
  • Base rack and Extenders with double wall construction, add strength and durability
  • Base rack handles molded into all four sides, for easy handling, no need to rotate the racks
  • Extenders with snap-on and snap-off attachments, allow for fast and simple assembly
  • Exterior texture, to prevent scrath from repeat use
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Product Information

Technical Parameters
Model Dishwasher Basket (GX-060D-25)
Color gray, coffe
Material PP Plastic
Compartment Size 7.5×7.5×8.5cm
Packing 6 pcs/ctn
Dimensions(cm) 50x50x10
Three View Drawing


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