Product Model: DPB30

Food Dough Mixer

Product Description
  • Food grade 304 stainless steel bowl.
  • The bowl is detachable
  • The machine with safety protection device.The mixer stop working when the shield lift up.
  • Sturdy construction.The machine don’t shake when working
  • Heavy duty motor,long life.

    ◊ Hook: Suitable for heavy bread dough or other viscosity food materials.Suggested amount of water 45%~50% of flour.Set the machine at LOW SPEED.

    ◊ Wire whip: Suitable for mixing liquid food,whipping cream and beating egg.Set the machine at HIGH SPEED.

    ◊ Beater: Suitable for thin batters,cake,mashing potatoes and crushed,powered,pasty food like stuffing.Set the machine at MIDDLE SPEED.

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Product Information

Technical Parameters
Model Food Dough Mixer (B30)
Power (KW) 1.5
Volts(V) 220V/3~380V/50Hz
N(KG) 192
Max. Kneading Capacity 10kg
Dimensions(mm) 610*530*1020

Bowl Volume: 30L

Mixing Speed(r/min): 65/102/296

Three View Drawing


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