Product Model: DPJZH-TQ-6

6 Bruner Gas Range With Gas Oven

Product Description
  • The Power output of the burner can reach 7 KW. Annular flame ensures high efficiency.
  • The Burners are manufactured through precision casting to make sure that flames are stable and endurable.
  • Stretch forming cooking surface, easy to clean.
  • It is equipmen with dlame failure and flame size control device and easy to operate.
  • The oven offers temperature control and over temperature protaction function to achieve even temperature distribution. The highest temperature can reach 340℃.
  • The housing is made of 304 stainless steel and the worktop is 1.5mm thick thickness to ensure strength.
  • The cooker has 3-position selector switches to adjust and regulate heating. One switch is provided for each burner.
  • The 20cm stainless steel feet can be adjusted, adjustable range: plus or minus 25cm.
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Product Information

Technical Parameters
Model 6 Burner Gas Range With Gas Oven (JZH-TQ-6)
Power (KW) 7.8*6+4.8
Volts(V) 380
N(KG) 144
Oven Chamber Size(mm) 560*600*270
Dimensions(mm) 1050*700*(850+70)

LPG2800-3700Pa(kg/h): 2.95

NG2000-2500Pa(m³/h): 9.58

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