Product Model: DPEM-3500T

Countertop Induction Cooker

Product Description
  • The glass-ceramic top is nice looking, anti scratch and durable, the high quality stainless steel body is simple, smooth and flat.
  • it offers timing function with a range if 0-180 minutes for users to choose from according to cooking requirements, the bright LED display screen can clearly show the cooking time
  • 10 levels of power outputs ranging from 500 to 3500w can be chosen according to cooking requirements
  • 1-10 position temperature control function allows user to set the temperature based on the appropriate temperature for cooking different food, its unique thermal protection will prevent food being burned, ensuring the safety of the equipment and users.
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Product Information

Technical Parameters
Model Commercial Induction Cooker (EM-3500T)
Power (KW) 3.5
Volts(V) 220-240
N(KG) 13.6
Temperature(℃) 60-240
Dimensions(mm) 340*445*115
Three View Drawing


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