Product Model: DPXC212A

6L Margarita Machine

Product Description
  • IDo not run the machine without mixed liquid; otherwise it will damage the machine.
  • Make sure that sugar is more than 13% of mixing. Otherwise some parts will be damaged.
  • Please turn off refrigeration switch when slush ice is ready for serve. The machine sound click which is caused by the solenoid valve due to slush ice is thick.
  • When the machine is switched off during the light there is some liquid in the bowl. A crust of ice can form at the surface. Remove the crust of ice before switching on the machine or parts can be damaged.
  • Compact size saves valuable counter space, 6L capcity foodgrade polycarbonate bowls.
  • Mini slush margarita machie is design to make and dispenser granita and other chilled drinks such as sherbets, cocktails and cold cream.
  • Suitable for home, bars, cafeteria and restaurant etc.
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Product Information

Technical Parameters
Model 6L Margarita Machine (XC212A)
Current 4.0A
Volts(V) 220V/50Hz
N(KG) 28
Capacity 6L*2
Dimensions(mm) 340*390*600mm
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